Have you heard about cryptocurrencies? Here you have the chance to mine cryptocoins consuming very low energy, thus it would be a profitable investment. Below you can learn more about two cryptocurrencies. Both can be mined by Pcs and mobile phone too.




                Pi Network                                                                                          

Pi Network (Pi) is pioneering cryptocoin! It is not the old PiCoin, Pi Network is a new cryptocoin! It is the first digital currency you can mine on your mobile phone. It could become the global digital currency!

It is much easier to be mined than other internet cryptocoins, the only thing you need is a smart phone device and you can start mining. It is available on Android and IOS. It is designed to be safe from bots and does not use battery at all, as it works on  cloudserver. It takes up only 40MB of space!

Pi is not a scam! It has developed by three Standford Phds with absolutely no risk. Its success depends on all our efforts to mine and spread it. You have to pay nothing, you have not to declare your bank account details. Only your name and an email adress are enough. The earlier you start mining cryptocoins the better for you, as the mining rate is higher for the older members.The inspirers estimate that in 2021 or maybe earlier it will reach a price and you will able to make purchases or redeem your cryptocoins  on cryptocurrency exchanges.

It is worth giving a try, you have nothing to loose! Join a community of more than 2,5 million "pioneers" in more than 175 countries. Just download the app from here https://minepi.com/stefPinet and sign up. In the last step you will be asked

to fill an invitation code. Use the code below and start mining! 

If you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact us here



    Invitation Code:   StefPinet



Important* Once you sign up you must verify your phone number from your profile settings.










Cryptotab is a unique crypto-blockchain browser. Its main feature is that it allows users to mine bitcoin. It is a network of more than 10 million users and its speed is eight times higher than Google Chromes. Cryptotab bowser is equal to other modern mining programs and contains the latest blockchain technology! Users are allowed to withdraw even 0,00001 mined bitcoins! It consumes low energy, thus it is profitable! You can mine from many devices, either Pcs or mobiles. It is available in Android and IOS.

You can download the tab and register here: